What are the best Korean TV dramas series?

What are the best Korean TV dramas series?

I’m just suggesting from my view.
1.  I’m sorry I Love You – This serial will remain my most favourite of all  time. It was the 1st Kdrama I watched. After watching this I fall in  love with KDRAMA… (And So-Ji-Sub became my no. 1 dream-man of all time  of KDRAMA)
2. My Love Who Came From The Star – This serial has  got everything. This one will make you laugh in all episodes except few  episodes which will make you cry.  (And Kim Soo-hyun became dream-man)

3.  Tree of heaven – When I read the storyline, I felt weird about it. But  after watching this one, my views changed. This serial made me see what they wanted me to see. This is not so famous, but it’s my top3. (And Lee Wan became dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

4. Full House – As I aspire to be a writer, I found similarities. So I loved it. It’s also full of

5.Nine: Nine Times Time-Travel – An amazing drama on time-travel with perfect romance between the leads. Even the lead actress isn’t pretty in the get-up of this drama, but I liked her too much as the role matches her perfectly. (And  Lee Jin Wook became dream-man of all time  of KDRAMA )

6.  Phantom/Ghost – I never thought that a serial without romance can enchant me. This one proved me wrong. This serial kept me watching it without break for its thrill, suspense & mystery. And I began to admire hackers after watching this. ( My So-Ji-Sub rocks)

7. Master’s Sun- Totally different storyline of this drama will charm you.  You love each & every character. (Again So-Ji-Sub rocks)

8. Kill Me, Heal Me – A superb drama full of entertainment. The lead actors plays 7 different role too nicely. There isn’t a single boring moment. The leads aren’t appealing in looks, but after watching the drama I felt that they are too good actors & their acting is too appealing. (And Shin Se Gi [played by Ji-Sung] became my dream-man)

9. My princess – a light-hearted serial which will make laugh, giggle, smile.

10.  Playful Kiss – I loved this because of cuteness of this drama. (And  Kim-Hyun-Joong was my no.2 dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

11. Queen In Hyun’s Man – Another charming drama on time-travel. Though there are a lot of drama on time-travel, each & every drama will amaze you. The storyline is very simple, but the chemistry between the leads are too cute.

12. Baby-Faced Beauty – What I loved in this serial was the immature attitude of the hero & the heroine chose the apparently normal salary man over the richer boss of her although the age gap of 7years  between them. This one is too cute & romantic. (And Choi Daniel became my dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

13. Love rain – Love story of two different era was shown too beautifully. Songs sung by Jang Geun Suk are too charming. (And Jang-Geun-Suk became my dream-man)

14. I hear your voice – Its storyline also surprises you. At the end of the drama you will feel that everyone has his or her reason of doing something. Justice will not seem fair to you after watching this.

15. IRIS – A drama full of drama is IRIS, totally unpredictable. I loved it, too.

16. Good Doctor – A very touching medical drama. It drains out a lot of emotion through eyes of the viewers. I never thought I would like such a drama. The chemistry between the leads is cute.

17.  It’s Okay, That’s Love – Though it’s a bit adult, the main story of the mother & her 2 sons was very surprising. And this one is based on psychiatry. How can I not like it? (And Jo-In-Sung became my dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

18. Moon Embracing The Sun – Too beautifully presented fantasy historical drama. I loved it.

19. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho – a totally cute drama.

20. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon – The Only drama where main lead is fat. Full of fun…

21. Personal Taste- Funny drama. (And Lee-Min-Ho became my dream-man)

22. Boys over Flower- common Cinderella story but presented to us too beautifully. (And Kim-Hyun-Joong became my no.2 dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

23.  You’re beautiful – Another Funny enjoyable drama.

24. Secret Garden – a gender blender story still too enjoyable. (And Hyun-Bin became my dream-man)

25. Faith – The story was too good. This drama is a lovely fusion of history & fantasy. But the set was not good enough for the story. Still its story will please viewers.

26. Age Of Feeling/ Inspiring Generation – 1st few episodes may bore you. But when you are into the story, its storyline is much better than above those. Basically it’s an action drama, but story twists are unimaginable. So I liked it.

27. Coffee Prince – Much enjoyable.

28.  Nail Shop Paris- Though the story was out of line, but the romanticism was too cute. (And Song-Jae-Rim became my dream-man of all time of KDRAMA)

29. Heart To Heart – It’s a psychiatric drama. I didn’t like the story. But its presentation is too cute. The songs in this drama are too amazing.

30. Princess Hours – It’s a bit slow drama. But set, background are so nice.

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