Proton car insurance

Cheap Proton Car Insurance Quotes

Proton have a wide selection of car models, so it can be quite hard to forecast the insurance costs without taking a more in depth look into your circumstances.

Tips For Saving Money On Your Proton Car Insurance.

These days everyone needs to keep their motoring costs in check and that particularly applies to making sure you’re not paying too much for your Proton insurance.

Insurance companies pay significant acquisition costs for new customers these days in an intensely competitive market where margins are thin. However renewal premiums for Proton haven’t been under quite the same scrutiny as new customer premiums and insurers have been taking advantage of this.

At renewal for example, stories abound of customers ringing the renewing insurance company and being offered a cheaper premium for their Proton than the one quoted on the auto-renewal notice. So why do insurance companies not provide their very best Proton premiums at renewal compared to the premium offered if they are challenged?

This is all down to inertia. Customers are sometimes lazy and don’t shop around at renewal, and if enough are lazy the insurers can afford to lose a percentage at the cost of the customers that can’t be bothered to shop around.

So the top tip for keeping your Proton insurance costs down is to shop around at each renewal, then take the cheapest premium you can find and challenge your existing insurer to match it, and if they can’t then change insurer.

We have no insurer bias, in fact we’ll represent any insurer that is happy to be compared online. We cannot guarantee that the service will always produce the very cheapest quote, (it often will), but the insurance quotes for Protons will always be very competitive.