Personal Insurance


So you’ve got your amazing house. The house is full of all your stuff. No doubt you’ve got your house and contents insured. But is your income protected?



If not, and you suddenly lose your take home earnings, you’ll be left with no way to pay for your house and all its contents.

To avoid this happening, we can work through an individualised life insurance plan with you, so that you’re insured for the right things, at the best price.

We work with a number of providers, giving us the flexibility to recommend the right products. And we cut through the nasty fine print, so you get the product that really is right for you.

If something does go wrong, we’ll also help you out at claim time. After all, when you’re not well, the last thing you want to do is deal with is insurance.

Talk to us about the options.


Here’s a basic summary of your life insurance options. You can have the whole shebang or mix and match products to suit your needs. They are many features and benefits attached to these options, which we can go over with you in more detail.


Life cover/living insurance – provides a lump sum payment in the event of death.

Trauma – provides a lump sum payment if you suffer from a particular condition

Income Protection – If you are unable to earn your normal income due to sickness or injury, this helps you to pay the bills.

Mortgage Repayment Cover – Allows you to make your mortgage repayments if you are disabled due to sickness or injury

Total and Permanent Disability Cover (TPD) – provides a one-off payment if you are left permanently unable to work for the rest of your life

Redundancy – If you are made redundant, a monthly benefit will help you pay the bills for a period time.

Medical Insurance – Can help pay for health care and medical costs

This is just a very brief overview of what the life cover products are. The full terms and conditions are outlined in the policy documents of each insurance provider. We will sit with you and go through the detail of each product so that you understand what is available to you, and what is important for you to have.